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Summer Down Under Notecards Staffy Rescue Australia Fundraiser

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It's almost Summer Down Under and we're celebrating with our friends in the southern hemisphere by having a fundraiser to help animals! Many thanks to our Orange Paw Army Fund Endowment Hero @Walter_Boxer and Mom for choosing the good folks at Staffy Rescue Australia as our Fund recipient!

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Our special Summer Down Under design donated by the artist and handmade card maker Sunde White Industries is printed in full color on

deluxe silk finished 4x6 notecards with envelopes. Available in 10, 25 or 50 packs. 100% of the profit from this design collaboration will go directly to help Staffies in need.

About Staffy Rescue Australia

What is Staffy Rescue?
Staffy Rescue is a registered animal welfare charity committed to trying to save and rehome as many Staffordshire bull terriers and larger breed dogs as possible. Staffy Rescue rescues dogs from death row at pounds across NSW and kennels them at our shelter in north western Sydney. We pay all the costs of caring for and rehabilitating the dogs, including Veterinarian fees which can be substantial. Staffy Rescue is a No Kill rescue which means that every dog rescued from the pound is loved and cared for no matter how long it takes for them to find their forever home. Staffy Rescue is privately run and self funded, and is supported by a team of dedicated volunteers.

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