We have donated over 3.7k to our community! #Wherethe20went

Sophie's #Adopt Don't Shop Handmade 100% Pure Aluminum Bracelet

We commissioned this beautiful handmade #AdoptDontShop 100% pure aluminum bracelet especially to welcome our dear friends Ashley, Sophie and their rescue Elsa's Pride to our fundraiser shop community here at Pibblemart.com.

We have a VERY limited number of these simple and gorgeous bracelets, so get yours today!

In support of our shop ambassador Sophie and her awesome rescue Elsa's Pride, Pibblemart.com will donate $5.00 from every bracelet sold directly to help save and foster animals in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Sophie is currently in the care of our dear friend and animal foster mom, Ashley @apackofthepibbles and is ready for her forever home!

Check Instagram @pibblemart and #WhereThe20Went for posts, pics and videos about where your purchase is serving our community today.

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