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"Breed Specific Legislation" (BSL) Sticker

Reflective Red
Reflective Silver

We want everyone to be able to afford fun stickers that start conversations, make friends and changes minds! ~ Kim Williams

Let this Bully speak for you! Show the world what you think about Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) with this 7 in. x 7 in. silver or red reflective sticker.

All our Pibblemart.com stickers are now "pay what you want"! Pay cost or pay more. You decide what is right for you. The more you pay the more we donate to animals in need, but no matter what you pay, the friends you'll make, the conversations you'll have, the opportunities to change minds and raise awareness of animal welfare are priceless and helps us all.

Check Instagram @pibblemart and our fundraising hashtag #WhereThe20Went for posts, pics and videos about where your purchase is serving our community today. 

BSL laws are doing more harm than good AND the reason I implore ALL animal loving people everywhere to join us in this fight. Families who have "Pit Bull Type" dogs are OPENLY discriminated against in housing, may be required to muzzle a perfectly friendly dog in public or endure the nightmare of having their harmless pet seized and KILLED for nothing more than the way it LOOKS. 
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