We have donated over $7.3k to our rescue and advocacy community!

#ENDBSL Hashtag Knit Beanie by Otto

Dark green

Our #ENDBSL design embroidered on the warm and cozy Otto knit beanie. We donate 100% of profits from this shirt style to our friends at Born Innocent DDA!

We are proud to offer our End BSL collection in support of our friends at Born Innocent DDA. 100% of our profits from both of our shops will go to help them do the work of changing breed specific law while offering emergency financial aid for legal representation of innocent family pets who have never put a paw wrong, yet are right this moment, under direct threat of being destroyed.

BSL laws are doing more harm than good AND the reason I implore ALL animal loving people everywhere to join us in this fight. Families who have "Pit Bull Type" dogs are OPENLY discriminated against in housing, may be required to muzzle a perfectly friendly dog in public or endure the nightmare of having their harmless pet seized and KILLED for nothing more than the way it LOOKS. 

We donate AT LEAST 20% and often 100% of every sale back to our Instagram community. Check Instagram for posts, pics and videos about where your purchase is serving our community today.

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