We have donated over $8k to our rescue and advocacy community!

I Love my Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Silicone Bracelet


We want everyone to be able to afford our fun silicone bracelets that start conversations, make friends and changes minds! ~ Kim Williams

Just a little fun silicone bracelet to express some love for your Staffy or Pit Bull!

All our Pibblemart.com silicone bracelets are now "pay what you want"! Pay cost or pay more. You decide what is right for you. The more you pay the more we donate to animals in need, but no matter what you pay, the friends you'll make, the conversations you'll have, the opportunities to change minds and raise awareness of animal welfare are priceless and helps us all.

Check Instagram @pibblemart and #WhereThe20Went for posts, pics and videos about where your purchase is serving our community today.

Shipping info:

These bracelets ship next business day via USPS First Class with no tracking.

Free shipping on all orders of 75.00 or more. 

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