We have donated over 3.7k to our community! #Wherethe20went

Fundraising Partnership Opportunities

Giving back and animal advocacy are the cornerstones of Pibblemart.com and we are proud to offer our state of the art, secure, SSL encrypted e-commerce platform as a means to raise funds for established, 501(c)(3) organizations.

Our fundraising model is set up in such a way as to allow almost anyone who wishes to fundraise within their Instagram community to do so with none of the expense of purchasing items for sale or asking merchants to donate their goods. We don't oppose that approach, it's just not our approach. We set up an always open, full-time shop that works 24/7 to raise funds for your rescue.

Interested to know how we do it? Read on. 

Pibblemart already donates 20% of our profit to those in need, but I also donate my design services for fundraiser art for apparel, mugs, stickers and almost any other item you can think of!

We start with a full line of customizable items to start your shop. Take a look at our Sophie's Shop. Apollo's Shop and The Orange Paw Army Depot for examples of our base fundraiser shop products.

Next, we work to create a message/image that pairs well with those items and resonates with your group. We try to keep most items under 25.00 and offer a flat 5.00 per sale donation. The goal being to keep the item affordable for almost anyone and keep the donation amount clear and easy to understand.

I donate the design work and once approved by you, build out your shop at Pibblemart.com with apparel and items featuring your special design and story and then we work with you and your community to promote your fundraiser shop on Instagram. We will donate the proceeds directly to your rescue each month and post the screenshot of the donation to Instagram under our #WhereThe20Went and on our Pibblemart account.

Pibblemart securely processes all payments and handles all distribution and shipping. We always send handmade and handwritten thank notes with freebies to each of your customers with every order.

Pibblemart.com does not share any private customer or fundraiser partner information with anyone for any reason.

Want to ask our current fundraising partners what they think of the project? Check out our partner list below and feel free to inquire about their experiences working with Pibblemart.com

We work with Brittany and Apollo  in support of A.D.O.R.E. Houston and Unity for a Solution. We raised over 900.00 so far, for the good work they do. They are esteemed permanent fundraiser shop members at Pibblemart.com at Apollo's Shop!

Pibblemart is proud to partner with Sophie, her foster Mom, Ashley, and their rescue Elsa's Pride in support of the great work they are doing in the Charlotte, North Carolina area with rescue and foster opportunities for animals in need. Elsa's Pride is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt animal welfare organization.

The #BaconsTag that started it all remains available at Pibblemart.com. This fundraiser even spun off an entire group of people who are dedicated to making a difference called the @orangepawarmy We have donated over 1500k so far!

Use our chat to message us or email kim@pibblemart.com and let us know if you would like to further discuss fundraising partnership opportunities with Pibblemart.com!