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Our Story

I’m a Pit Bull Mom and I’ve created Pibblemart.com to share quality apparel and other fun items that advocate, celebrate and educate for Bully Breed dogs.

Wearing our apparel and jewelry or adding our stickers to your car or laptop can spark the conversation that allows you to change someone's mind about Bully Breeds today. 

A number of things have surprised me since I found myself at Brother Wolf animal rescue writing a check for 150.00 to adopt a 6-month-old, big headed, gangly body, ZERO socialization skills  “Golden Pit Bull Terrier”.

I realized AFTER I fell in love with Angus that I had absorbed a bit of the BS stereotyping and unfounded, myth based fear about bully breed dogs that permeates our society these days. It didn’t take long for me to get over it, but it brought to my attention just how covertly this unfounded fear can get into our subconscious and cloud our perceptions about the truth of a thing. The truth is Bully breed dogs are way down the list when it comes to aggression.

We all need to REMEMBER that where we see the kind of aggression in dogs that is used to justify the extreme measures BSL proposes, we are more than likely seeing the RESULTS of abuse and neglect by HUMANS. Not some inherent flaw in a group of dog breeds. It's just not the breed's fault that they are preyed upon by animal abusers and we MUST stop killing them for something that is simply not the truth.

Bully breeds are notoriously loving and affectionate. Honestly, you won’t even begin to have an understanding of just how much so until you adopt or foster one yourself. They will blow you away with love.

Pibblemart is committed to the fight against Breed specific legislation because it targets "Pit Bull Type" dogs for WHOLESALE discrimination based on the belief that Bully Breeds are somehow inherently more dangerous than other dogs and it's just that, a BELIEF, not the truth of the matter based on ACTUAL facts.
Cruel, uninformed, reactionary BSL laws are doing more harm than good to countless dogs in shelters right now and those who have been extremely fortunate to have found loving families while doing virtually NOTHING to stop those who prey on and abuse "Pit Bull Type" dogsFamilies who have "Pit Bull Type" dogs are OPENLY discriminated against in housing, may be required to muzzle a perfectly friendly dog in public or endure the nightmare of having their harmless pet seized and KILLED for nothing more than the way it LOOKS.

The FACT is BSL laws are doing more harm tha
n good AND the reason I implore ALL
animal loving people everywhere to join us in this fight.
We appreciate you and need you to care, but even more than that we need you to raise your paw with us against BSL. Thankfully, I find hope that we can end BSL in the people who do know the truth about Bully breed dogs and are raising their voices in their defense. All dogs matter and as a lifelong "dog person" I have a special place in my heart for ALL dogs. To win this battle of perceptions, it is imperative for all dog-loving people to help by reaching a public who holds incorrect beliefs and goes so far to act on those beliefs to legislate and even kill innocent dogs out of nothing more than sheer ignorance.


Holding these noble breeds and mixes thereof responsible for the crimes of man is NOT the answer.

I still believe most people can be reasoned with and we can take the blame off the breed and put it squarely where it belongs, with the humans who abuse and neglect Bully breeds. It’s been wonderful to find these people among my internet community and I hope they will feel at home here at Pibblemart and support our mission. 

Pibblemart is committed to the fight against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). We are proud to donate 20% of our profits to Bully breed advocacy and rescue.

Kim Williams, Proprietor