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Sophie's Shop

Pibblemart is proud to create and offer our "Adopt-A-Bull and "Adopt the Cropped" designs featuring Sophie in support of her foster Mom, Ashley, and their rescue Elsa's Pride! Sophie is ready for her forever home!

We donate $5.00 from each item sold in this collection directly to Elsa's Pride in support of the great work they are doing in the Charlotte, North Carolina area with rescue and foster opportunities for animals in need. Elsa's Pride is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt animal welfare organization.

Apparel detail, sizing charts, shipping info and customer reviews and ratings are available on our product pages. 

A note from Sophie's foster mom, Ashley:

Welcome to Sophie’s Shop! 

Now that you have made the very wise decision to buy a shirt or other excellent item with this gorgeous hippo’s face on it (I mean really, you are clearly a very smart person with excellent taste), we offer you a short background on how we came to be graced with the presence of this brindle land seal with white socks.

Sophie spent years being treated only as a source of profit, used for her puppies, and at some point had her ears cropped, likely to make her appear more intimidating and fitting with the pit bull type image that backyard breeders seek to portray to bring in more money.  Eventually, Sophie wound up as a stray at the local shelter, where she was found to be heartworm positive. 

The odds of being rescued or adopted for a pit bull type dog with cropped ears, heartworms, and signs of multiple litters being had are basically a million to one, and after 2 months at the shelter following her lifetime of mistreatment, Sophie was mentally broken and out of time.

Fortunately, she also had several champions who had fallen in love with her and been working vigilantly to find her a rescue and foster home, and the magical moment of the dog stars aligning happened one day when rescue Elsa’s Pride said they could help. On the day she was scheduled to be euthanized, Sophie walked (really more of a trot, she’s a trotter) out of the shelter and soon met her new foster mom [me, I’m her] who understandably loved the lowrider hippo pibbler instantly [still do, sometimes we just stare at each other].

Today, several months later, Sophie is heartworm free, spayed, crate trained, house trained, and has learned her favorite things: she loves couch, loves bed, loves pork chomps, loves foods [except broccoli… understandabull], and loves being adored almost as much as she loves doing the adoring.  Now, we just need to find her a forever person that wants to #adoptthecropped!